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Elissa's Story - The Farley Project

Elissa Kravetz

Founder and DirectorFollow
I still remember it like it was yesterday, hearing that my 7th grade best friend was “mad at me.” One friend turned into three, which turned into five, which turned into ten, then eventually our whole grade and the whole school. I remember sitting at our table and everyone would get up and leave. I had food thrown at me, gum thrown at me, even an egg thrown at me. After eating lunch alone in the nurse’s office, I started eating lunch alone in the bathroom stall, on the toilet with my feet up so no one would know I was in there. “DIE BITCH” was written in black letters across my locker. I had pictures put in my locker with my face crossed out. Letters were sent to me telling me I should either move or kill myself. I was called a slut, a loser, disgusting, ugly, annoying, I was told that I shouldn’t be here, that I should either move or kill myself.

This torture and treatment lasted for months, but the effects stayed with me for the next 20 years. My spirit was broken. Outwardly I seemed to be a very confident happy girl, I had a wonderful job as a publicist, went to amazing parties, hobnobbed with celebs, but inside I felt awful. After a long journey of really healing what had happened to me, I decided that I NEEDED to help. I started speaking at schools and camps and The Farley Project was born!

Farley was the name of my middle school in Massachusetts, where it all began. I am prepared to go city by city, school by school, student by student until a difference is made! Kids do not realize the severe long term effects of their actions and we are here to teach them, to show them. We want to empower them with a new way of behaving, we are aiming to replace jealously with kindness, hatred with compassion, fear with love.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me!